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Your accounts in real time, in detail, fully integrated and back in your control.

Your accounts in real time, in detail, fully integrated and back in your control.

cloud-based accounts software and systems. We are not your traditional accountants and bookkeepers.

At Accurise we know that access to real time, accurate information about your business is key to keeping up with the competition in a fast-changing world.

Our mission is to deliver that to you using the latest, cutting edge, cloud-based accounts software and systems. We are not your traditional accountants and bookkeepers. We don’t use Xero and would like to tell you why

Working on cloud-based systems allows us to process and report on your business in real time, and allows you to view reports, and authorise payments wherever you are.


We take care of all your regular accounting tasks and we provide accurate information to your year end accountants or auditors to produce your statutory accounts and tax quickly, easily and affordably

Every day we

  • Process purchase invoices, get authorisations, make payments, deal with supplier queries
  • Process sales invoices, allocate payments received, chase customers for payment


  • Monitor your cashflow and as required discuss with you any upcoming tight spots
  • Reconcile your bank completely and immediately inform you of any issues so there is no delay in fixing them
  • Provide real time accounts showing how the current month looks so far compared to your targets
  • Deal with any questions or queries you or your team have
  • Process, obtain approval and pay expenses claims so there is no need to wait until the end of the month for large claim
  • Our unique systems allow us to do all this every day unlike others where this is done weekly or monthly which can be too late!

Every week we

  • Give you an up to date accurate reflection of how the previous week went compared to budget and prior year so you can make real time meaningful impact in your business –we call this “Flash Reporting”
  • Update a cashflow forecast for the coming months so you are always ahead of the game and aware of what is coming up
  • Update you with any key events in your business via the weekly catchup email
  • Process your payroll and ensure all your team are paid on time
  • Fully reconcile your balance sheet control accounts, including fixed asset registers

WE WORK IN DAYS & WEEKS TO AVOID LAST MINUTE Delays at the end of the month.

You may notice there is less in this section than other firms, that’s because at Accurise we believe that the days of “Month End” processes are gone, they are too slow and leave you looking backwards instead of seeing and fixing issues proactively. We work in days and weeks not months avoiding any delays or nasty surprises at month end when it’s too late to fix them.

Every Month we:

  • Prepare accurate and fast management accounts showing you exactly how you are performing to you targets, including non-financial data such as Trip advisor ratings or customer satisfaction reports
  • Pay your PAYE to HMRC

Each Year we:

  • Work with your team to prepare accurate realistic budgets
  • Build you fully detailed financial forecasts of performance
  • Prepare complete statutory and audit packs for your traditional accountants to prepare statutory accounts and tax computations dealing with all matters and queries arising, you can sit back and forget about Audit month, we take care of it all for you

Every Quarter we:

  • Review your budgets with you and re-forecast the next 12 months with you to help you plan for the future
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns using MTD



Consult with you on efficiency savings, purchasing and procurement

Improve Internal Systems

Help you improve your internal systems and practices using our own large experience

Large Network

Introduce you to our large network of seasoned non executive directors for support at board level or on a consultancy basis

Board Meetings

Attend board meetings to comment on your financial performance in depth and support board decisions

who we work with


As a leading supplier of next-generation cloud ERP systems to over 10,000 organisations in 60 countries, Xledger is empowering ambition.


The most flexible business management solution for the hospitality industry.


Cloud Based Systems

All of our systems are natively cloud based, paperless and work in real time.

Xledger software

We use the most automated cloud ERP accounting software in the world –Xledger, to give you real time, scalable access to your data wherever you are in the world. Further information on Xledger can be found here: www.Xledger.com

System integration

We analyse how you work and integrate our systems to yours saving you time and ensuring you have complete continuity over thethings you like about what you do

infinitely scalable

Our systems are infinitely scalable and deal with any complexity of company structure and international locations natively and out of the box


Day to Day Assistance

Our processes are designed to work every day and avoid month end backlogs that slow down reporting, we believe real time access to your data allows you to fix problems as they arise instead of letting them run on for another month before you notice.

We care

We offer what we believe are the best terms and conditions of employment of anyone in our industry to attract only the best people, we then invest heavily in their training and development. Our culture is task and client based and not time based.

Investors in technology

We invest in technology to remove manual data entry and processing from our workflow enabling us to employ only highly experienced accountants ensuring you always get the best possible advice and service

Multi device platforms

All our systems are accessible on any device from anywhere you have the internet –you can approve expenses, invoices and payments as well as reviewing your accounts in complete detail from your mobile on the go and easily delegate responsibilities while on holiday so you don’t come back to a mountain of work to catch up on.

LETS talk, drop us a line.

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